9th Annual Genetics Virtual Week

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Событие: 9th Annual Genetics Virtual Week

в Конференции, выставки и семинары
Кем добавлено Vadim Sharov , 03 Окт 2020

Время проведения 20 Апр 2021 до 22 Апр 2021 (Многодневное событие)

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LabRoots is excited to announce our 9th Annual Genetics Virtual Week held on April 20-22, 2021!

Genetics Virtual Week 2021 will offer a multi-day content-rich program combining stellar expertise from world-renowned keynote and featured speakers in the areas of Genetics & Genomics an expanding field of biology and human health, Molecular Diagnostics, exploring best laboratory practices and novel diagnostic applications, and Precision Medicine, spanning innovative technologies and solutions transforming healthcare and changing how patients are treated today.

Over the three days, invited lectures, thought-provoking discussions, and posters will be presented by academia and industry experts, professionals in medical and clinical genetics, scientific leaders, and research scholars.

Last year's Genetics Virtual Week included the following topics:

Genetics and Genomics

Genome Editing

  • Latest Genome Editing Techniques and Applications
  • Measuring the Outcomes of Genome Editing Experiments & Characterizing Undesired Editing Effects

The Evolution of Genome Reference Concepts
  • Latest Techniques for Creating Reference-Quality Genomes
  • Analysis and Implications of Pan Genomes

Single Cell and Spatial Genomics
  • Full-length RNA sequencing with Single-Cell Resolution

Structural Variation
  • Latest Methods & Analysis Tools for Characterizing Structural Genomic Variation
  • Structural Genetic Variation in the Global Human Population
  • Implementation of WGS-SV Calling in Monogenic Rare Diseases

Human Genomic Evolution

Molecular Diagnostics

Point of Care Testing
  • Quality
  • Accessibility
  • Cost/Reimbursement
  • Disruptive POC Devices

Emerging Technologies in Molecular Diagnostics
  • Liquid Biopsy
  • CRISPR Diagnostics
  • Digital PCR
  • Omics-based Biomarker Discovery
  • Clinical metagenomics

Artificial Intelligence
  • CDS Tools in Molecular Diagnostics
  • ML based Clinical Algorithms in Cancer Genetics
  • Role of AI in Genomics

Precision Medicine

Rare Disease in Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine in Clinic
  • Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies - The long and the short of it

Molecular Profiling - from Bench to Bedside

Our virtual conference allows you to participate in a global setting with no travel or cost to you. The event will remain open 6 months from the date of the live event. The webinars will be available for unlimited on-demand viewing. This virtual conference also offers increased reach for the global microbiology community with a high degree of interaction through live-streaming video and chat sessions.


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