The Art and Science of Haematology Morphology

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Событие: The Art and Science of Haematology Morphology

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Кем добавлено Vadim Sharov , 19 Сен 2020

Время проведения 06 Окт 2020 (Событие на один день)

Vadim Sharov

The Art and Science of Haematology Morphology
Daniel Pelling, CSci, FIBMS, DFM

Site Manager for Blood Sciences at St. Mary's Hospital


DATE: October 6, 2020
TIME: 18:00 — London, 19:00 — Frankfurt, 20:00 — Istanbul / Riyadh, 21:00 — Dubai / Muscat, 14:00 — São Paulo / Buenos Aires, 13:00 — New York / Toronto, 12:00 — Chicago / Bogota / Mexico City, 10:00 — Los Angeles / San Francisco


The enumeration and analysis of blood cells with automated haematology analysers have significantly improved in recent years due to advances in cell detection technologies, which have reduced the manual differential rate. Despite these improvements, morphology remains a keystone of haematology. A thorough understanding of the principles and mechanisms behind Romanowsky staining methods can enhance laboratory practice in areas such as implementing new instruments or procedures, and troubleshooting poor staining performance. These ideas and suggestions are exemplified by a selection of patient cases showing how analytical results are complemented by good quality blood films and staining.


Learning Objectives:

  • Overview of the mechanics behind slide making and the importance that morphology brings to clinical diagnosis
  • Implementation of staining protocols and consideration factors for your laboratory
  • Troubleshooting stain quality and factors to potentially adjust
  • Case reviews of morphology, accompanied with results from haematology


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