2nd International Nutrition and Food Technology

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Событие: 2nd International Nutrition and Food Technology

в Конференции, выставки и семинары
Кем добавлено Vadim Sharov , 01 Май 2020

Время проведения 05 Авг 2020 до 07 Авг 2020 (Многодневное событие)

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2nd International Nutrition and Food Technology Conference welcomes you as our guest to the City of London, UK during August 05- 07, 2020. The theme of the upcoming edition of i- Nutrition 2020 is Innovations in Nutrition Science and Food Technology.


The annual i- Nutrition 2020 conference and expo is the largest gathering of Nutrition and Food- Tech professionals from around the world. i- Nutrition UK is expecting hundreds of academic, research and industry leaders from 24 different countries to gather in London, UK for this three day meeting.


i- Nutrition 2020 is packed with many workshops, symposiums and multiple plenary sessions with main focus on thought provoking discussions and peer led networking. The conference is the ideal venue for to learn about the latest trends shaping the Food and Nutrition industry, to gain new skills and insights from successful Food and Nutrition experts.


For i- Nutrition 2020, renowned academic, researchers along with industry leaders from key Food and Nutrition companies will be sharing their insights into the role of Obesity, Diabetes, Prebiotics and Probiotics Nutrition, Food and Nutrition Disorders, Malnutrition and Malnourishment, Food Industry, Medicinal Food, Food Toxicology, Food Safety and Management, Advanced Food Analysis Techniques, Food and Nutrition Therapy, Indigeneity and Food and, translating this into real life strategies for your career and business.


i- Nutrition 2020 offers unparalleled business, research opportunities and access to new markets in Nutrition and Food industry. Be on the cutting edge of new and often yet-unreleased information and discover an area that piques your interest.


Join us and witness the booming industry by participating at i- Nutrition 2020 and give your career and business access to new opportunities from throughout the world.



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