Medicine and Time

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Событие: Medicine and Time

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Кем добавлено Vadim Sharov , 06 Сен 2019

Время проведения 08 Июн 2020 до 09 Июн 2020 (Многодневное событие)

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Call for abstracts for a conference on

Medicine and Time

8th – 9th of June 2020 at the Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg in Greifswald, Germany

Questions, which deserve to be addressed in the con­ference “Medicine and Time”:

- Which ethical challenges arise from the acceleration of the production of scien­tific knowledge in medicine?

- What happens when natural-time programmed machines or systems operating with Artificial Intelligence encounter people with a different temporality?

- What makes the difference between the subjective experience of time and objectively measured natural time evident in the accelerating practice of medicine to patients, physicians, researchers? What does the collision of areas with a different temporality in current medicine mean for the life of a patient, a physician or a researcher?

- How should medicine and its partici­pants react to it?

- In how far can we foresee (and proactively deal with) the future of medicine which will most probably be characterized by further acceleration in some areas of medicine?

- In how far does medicine reflect its own temporal situatedness and the current developments?

For those applicants who are accepted travel expenses and accommodations will be covered.

Please send your application (abstract of 350 words and brief CV) to Urban Wiesing <>

Abstract submission deadline: November 1st, 2019

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