ABLC 2018 (Bioeconomy)

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Событие: ABLC 2018 (Bioeconomy)

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Кем добавлено NCP-bio , 10 Июн 2018

Время проведения 06 Ноя 2018 до 09 Ноя 2018 (Многодневное событие)

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ABLC Global is a connected series of 17 conferences and forums on the most important issues in the Bioeconomy right now.


These conferences-within-a-conference are:


The Biochemical Conversion Summit
The Thermal Conversion Summit
The Global Actions Forum
The Global Cooperation Forum
The Global Bioeconomy Forum
The Disruptive Technology Workshop
The Advanced Nutrition Summit
The Digital Biology Summit
The Advanced Agriculture Summit
The Financing & Investing Workshop
The Biogas Forum
The Innovative Conversion Technologies Forum
The Advanced Biofuels Summit
Sustainable Feedstocks Summit
Biomass Mobilization & Sustainability Summit
The Open Innovation Summit
The Advanced Organism Summit


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