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Raw materials -CORDIS results packs

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Green Deal Call Horizon 2020

Raw materials -CORDIS results packs
Posted on 18th January 2021 by Camille Lepinay

Applicants to the Green Deal Call and organisations interested by future EU funding programmes should have a look at the CORDIS results packs on eco-innovation.

CORDIS Results Packs are EU publications aiming to support the European Commission’s Strategy for an effective dissemination and exploitation of Horizon 2020 research results. These rich multilingual collections of articles present results of highly successful projects in order to bring them to specialised audiences in a specific theme. The Results Packs may serve as inspiration and good examples to potential applicants for the incoming calls, but also to help to bring exploitable results to potential users and national authorities.

The Results Pack on “Mineral Extraction: Securing access to raw materials at minimum environmental and social costs showcases the accomplishments of six Horizon 2020 funded projects, focusing on innovative mineral extraction technologies with improved economic, environmental and health and safety performance, underlining the significance of raw materials and the performance of some of the strongest innovators in the extractive industry.

(September 2020)

The Results Pack on “Sustainable innovative solutions for mineral exploration highlights six cutting-edge Horizon 2020 EU projects that developed innovative exploration technologies for finding metal ores and minerals and that are helping to transform Europe into a sustainable resource-efficient and competitive economy.

Mineral exploration is conducted to search for commercially viable concentrations of ores and minerals for mining purposes. A highly accurate estimation of the volume of the deposits is crucial due to the capital-intensive nature of the mining operation.

(February 2020)


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