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Eco-innovation- CORDIS results packs

Написано NCP-eco , 26 Декабрь 2020 · 269 Просмотров

Applicants to the Green Deal Call and organisations interested by future EU funding programmes should have a look at the CORDIS results packs on eco-innovation.

CORDIS Results Packs are EU publications aiming to support the European Commission’s Strategy for an effective dissemination and exploitation of Horizon 2020 research results. These rich multilingual collections of articles present results of highly successful projects in order to bring them to specialised audiences in a specific theme. The Results Packs may serve as inspiration and good examples to potential applicants for the incoming calls, but also to help to bring exploitable results to potential users and national authorities.

The Results Pack on “Circular economy innovations for industrial and urban waste management presents the results of six projects managed by EASME and financed under the H2020 Calls “WASTE-1-2014 – Moving towards a circular economy through industrial symbiosis” and “WASTE-6a-2015 – Eco-innovative solutions”. (November 2019)

The Results Pack on “Innovative technological solutions for ensuring Europe’s present and future water security” presents the results of ten water projects managed by EASME and financed under the H2020 Call “WATER-1a-2014 – Water Innovation: Boosting its value for Europe”. The projects featured in the ten articles are also the ones that made a business pitch at the Investors’ café that B.2 unit organized in June 2018. November 2018 (updated in January 2020)

The Results Pack “Digitalisation through the ICT4WATER cluster to boost innovation in the water sector presents the results of twelve projects managed by EASME and DG CONNECT that are part of the ICT4Water cluster, a community of H2020, LIFE and EMFF research and innovation projects on ICT applied to water management. (February 2020)

The Results Pack on “Water innovation for Africa: Sustainable solutions for water management presents the results of seven projects managed by EASME and financed under the H2020 Calls “WATER-5c-2015 – Development of water supply and sanitation technology, systems and tools, and/or methodologies” and “WATER-5b-2015 – A coordination platform”. The innovative solutions proposed by these projects are helping Africa tackle water-related challenges and foster scientific cooperation between the European Union and Africa. All projects are implemented within the environment sector with focus on water management. This Result Pack featured also in the DG DEVCO newsletter “Green Development News” in October 2020. (April 2020)