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Summary from the World Circular Economy Forum 2019

Написано NCP-eco , 28 Июнь 2019 · 255 Просмотров

The third edition of global circular economy event – World Circular Economy Forum 2019 – was organised on 3-5 June 2019 in Helsinki. The most advanced circular economy solutions for governments, industries, businesses and citizen were presented here. “Europe wants to lead, and there is strong public support from EU citizens,” said Karmenu Vella, European Commissioner for the Environment, Fisheries and Maritime Affairs.

Finland will assume the Presidency of the EU Council on 1 July 2019 and Finland’s new government programme (with focus on climate action, fighting inequality and moving towards the circular economy) was released recently.

Mari Pantsar, the Director of Sitra, mentioned in the closing speech that “…our world is encountering a deep, global sustainability crisis including three dimensions: the climate crisis, the biodiversity crisis, overuse crisis of natural resources. … To counter this, the circular economy is the most powerful solution. We simply must make better use of materials that already exist in our societies instead of extracting more and more natural resources – which in turn causes more and more air emissions and kills off more and more species.”

Altogether 121 presentations from the event are available here, as well as inspiring side events or sessions or examples from the Finish way to circular economy (e.g. the list of the most interesting companies in the circular economy in the country).

Next Forum will be held in October 2020 in Vancouver, Canada.