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Из: EcoHealthNet

Написано NCP-eco , 26 Ноябрь 2017 · 376 Просмотров

Program Info

EcoHealthNet Research Exchange Applications Are OPEN!
Deadline: December 18, 2017

EcoHealthNet is an undergraduate and graduate-level global research coordination network, funded by the National Science Foundation, to bring together world-class research scientists from medical, ecology, veterinary, epidemiology, virology, anthropology, climate science, data science, and economics fields that will advance One Health research and education. Advancements will take place through three activities: 1) creation of a peer network of undergraduate and graduate STEM students from various disciplines via one-week workshops that teach applied skills and provide in-person contact time with scientists actively conducting research related to anthropogenic environmental change, economics, and emerging diseases, which will also be delivered live as an interactive webinar to university students globally; 2) developing the next generation of One Health practitioners through mentored research projects that reflect One Health principles; 3) linking participants to professional science and policy associations. EcoHealthNet is designed to inspire broad, collaborative One Health research and create lasting connectivity among scientists from different disciplines as they advance in their careers.

Applications are now open for the 2018 Research Exchange only.

The next EcoHealthNet Workshop will be June 2019.

Deadline to apply for the 2018 Research Exchange is December 18, 2017.




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